Luz de OrienteLuz de Oriente Viajes is a newly established Spanish agency but with many years of experience behind. Is the project, the dream of people who have experienced life in Asia for many trips, long stays and even periods of years living in these countries. We are not a large tour operator, wholesaler or even a large agency in economic terms. We do not sell as well as others, even if we know that what we all say …. Today is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We rather than big words are more than facts, realities, of experiences. We focus only in a few countries but we call them one and extract all the juice. We work with receptive agencies in the destinations which are our partners and friends. In many cases, Spanish agencies that have shared and shared friendship after years of living together in those lands. We offer our customers a unique and personal experience that can only be displayed from the deep knowledge of the culture of those who have lived or still lives there, who has suffered culture shock, who has had to adapt to a life very different . We do not sell smoke. Asia is not an easy destination for Western travelers. But once overcome the initial barriers, the cultural impact, the clash of sounds, smells, flavors, sensory and emotional overexposure to you subject this magical continent, everything is reward.

If you come with us maybe you do not go to the best hotels and you have at your disposal the most comfortable or expensive transport, but one thing we promise: your experience will be unique, be yours, will not leave you indifferent. You will live real Asia, not leaving in those beautiful catalogs we already know. You may thereafter, once back at home with your Western comforts, can not help but think, be sure to resonate in your soul back to this land of dreams, remember the deafening noise of a tuk- tuk, shouting in markets, to evoke smiles of the people in passing, to odors in the streets, in short, to feel the life and the soul that lives every day in every corner of Asia.

Luz de Oriente